Environments That Foster Collaboration

Standout Amenities

DEXTER YARD is an open block campus at the intersection of South Lake Union’s tech row.
An open, flexible design with 26,600 SF of amenities invites people to connect with neighbors and the community.

The Fieldhouse

Dexter Yard Rooftop Deck Aerial View

Rooftop Deck

Beer Hall

Dexter Yard Conference Rooms

Conference Rooms

Bike Storage

Showers & Lockers


Beer Hall

A reliable source of fun, day or night. The Beer Hall is a lively multi-use venue that serves elevated bar foods and artisan pizza. Always a warm and inviting atmosphere with views that overlook the fieldhouse.

Rec Room

A sun-drenched multi-purpose venue where you can eat, play and sip craft cocktails. The ultimate place to meet up and unwind, the Rec Room houses a restaurant, bar, lounge, darts, bowling alley, card room and golf simulator.


An intimate exclusive lounge tucked away in a location accessible by tenants only. Designed to engage the senses, everything is curated with obsessive detail.

Neighborhood Amenities

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